Felder UCC

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Professionals who have the critical responsibility for operating infrastructure, industrial and commercial facilities face the daily challenge of balancing short-term investment in maintenance cost verses the long-term benefits of ensuring asset productivity and extending their useful life. A material component of every preventative/ predictive maintenance program includes utilizing protective coatings to respond to existing metal and concrete corrosion deterioration, as well as addressing future exposure to natural elements and to the service environment.

Felder/UCC is a formal joint venture between Felder and Felder, Inc. (Felder) and United Corrosion Control LLC (UCC). Felder is the majority partner in the JV and is a certified minority business enterprise with over 30 years of experience providing profession services to governments, industry and institutions. Its founder and President, Mr. Fred Felder, has provided the hands-on management to grow the company, and deliver outstanding services to its customers. Fred Felder and President of UCC have over 13 years’ of successful experience working together as joint venture partners.

UCC is a team of professionals organized to analyze and deliver solutions for complex corrosion problems. UCC professionals listen to our customers to understand their operational environment and performance standards. We then work with them, as well as industry consultants and system manufacturers to design, prep and apply the right coatings that meet their site-specific requirements. In order, to select the proper coating for your project, UCC partners with all major system providers (such as Carboline, Sherwin Williams, Tnemec, etc.) Our staff has over 25 years’ experience in coatings application, including confined space, concrete floors, confinement areas, fireproofing, spray applied polyureas and vinyl-esters. UCC views safety as the hallmark of professionalism, and takes all steps necessary to ensure that our work is executed in a manner that avoids personal injury and asset damage, for both the customer and our staff.