United Corrosion Control’s Standards of Integrity

Our company’s operating values provide the foundation for our daily business conduct, for our internal interactions, our customers, our business partners, and the community at large:

Will always continue to be priority Number One.

We honor our contractual, legal and ethical commitments, and take full responsibility for both our actions and our results.

Continuous Improvement
We set high expectations for our individual, project specific, and company wide goals; and then work together as a team in their execution.

Customer Focus
Our customers depend on us to deliver proven technical solutions for protecting the long-term value of their assets; we commit to meeting their needs and expectations.

We strive for, and seek out, diversity in people, experiences
and viewpoints.

Ethics and Integrity
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical
standards, in what we do and what we say.

We promote trust and teamwork by communicating openly and honestly with each other.